Will I need to drill into my truck to install the Wolf rack?

  • Nope! We use a specifically designed clamp mechanism that won’t require you to drill any holes into your truck. We love our trucks, we would never do anything to hurt them. 

Do I need the “Riser” for the rack to work with my truck?

  • Yes and No. We recommend the Riser for all trucks for 3 reasons: 
  1. It looks amazing
  2. It optimizes storage space in your truck bed
  3. For some truck/bike combinations, depending on the length of the bike the tailgate may not be able to close without the riser.
  • Truck Bed Size Guide
    • ‘Midsize Truck’ 5’ Bed (IE Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger) - With Riser, fits 70% of bikes
    • Full Size Truck, Short 5.5’ Bed (F150, Ram 1500, Tundra, Etc.) - With Riser, fits 98% of bikes. With no riser, fits 50% of bikes
    • Full Size Truck, Long 6’+ Bed (F250/F350, Ram 2500/3500, Etc.) - With Riser, fits 100% of bikes. With no riser, fits 100% of bikes (some tandems questionable)

How solid are the racks for off-roading?

  • We’ve spent hundreds of hours ‘testing’ these racks in the Utah backroads. Everything from high speed drifting, washboards, and even jumps, the rack has seen it all. If you are doing any sort of off-roading, the rack will work without any accessories, but we do recommend using the Velcro straps to hold the front wheel snug against the rack. We also recommend using a tie down to hold the rear wheel/s into place as bumps can make the rear wheel bounce back and forth.

You have pictures of 5 & 6 bike racks. How does this work?

  • In order to fit 5-6 bikes in the rack, you’ll need to order:
    • An extra wheel cage
    • A Rear Tire Support
  • The Rear Tire Support goes along the rear of the truck bed to prop the bikes up and out of the bed of the truck. This also maximizes room in your truck bed, but more importantly makes the bikes sit up and out of the truck. With these you’ll need to use the included Velcro straps to make sure the rear wheels don’t bounce around on the rack. 

Is it ok to put the rear wheel on top of things in the bed of my truck?

  • Of course! The rack will hold the bike on any surfaces parallel or lower in relation to the rack.

Will the rack work with a Tonneau cover?

  • It depends on the style of Tonneau cover. The rack does require a flat clamping surface on the truck bed, and any Tonneau cover that eliminates the flat portion will be incompatible. 

Will the rack work with kids bikes?

  • Only kids bikes with wheels 26” or bigger. Smaller kids bikes are too small to fit in the clamping mechanism unfortunately.